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Dj mirage’s Passion for music began in 1992 when he learned how to play the clarinet, alto saxophone, and taught himself how to play the piano. He joined many music groups in school including the school’s band, Jazz band, clarinet and flute ensemble, and became his church's pianist. Mirage's eclectic taste in music allowed him to explore all genres and he even began writing his own music.


In 1994 Dj Mirage began djing with his older brother. It all started with small house parties, church, and charity events. His sound system consisted of 2 unknown brand CD players, a mixer and a pair of speakers. It wasn’t much of a system but it was enough to wake up his desire and interest for mixing.  In 1996, after just obtaining his license, on his own and armed with a slightly upgraded system, Mirage began Djing for weddings, sweet-sixteen’s, and quinceañeras.  In 1998 Dj Mirage saved up enough money to buy his first pair of turntables and a descent mixer. By then, djing was not just a great part of his life, djing was his life.


In 1999 Dj mirage became involved in the industries music distribution working for “805 Underground Records” and “Progressive Records” distributing music to many record stores and learning all about record labels. He then joined a few party crews and shortly thereafter his name began appearing on many flyers of underground parties. His main focus at the time was House music but he still kept interest in all genres. In 2000 Dj Mirage won the “Best Dj in the San Fernando Valley” title. This was a recognition setup by underground promoters after capturing votes from all party goers. In 2001 Dj Mirage was recruited by “Salvavision Records” a Spanish Salvadorian record label where he worked on a CD compilation handpicking the music and mixing it all onto one CD. That project was massively reproduced and sold in many music stores including Musica Latina and Tower records.  In 2003 Dj Mirage was recruited by “One Time Entertainment” record label. There he began meeting radio personalities such as Fuzzy Fantabulous and Dj Echo from Power 106. He began making beats for this record label and remixing music for independent artists.  During this time, Dj Mirage began appearing in many night clubs in Hollywood and began working with “Ray Ray Productions” as a night club Dj.  At the same time, Mirage kept involved with many banquet halls and venues providing entertainment for private parties, weddings, and quinceañeras. In 2008 Dj Mirage brought down the house at the Winter Serotonin concert at Pharos Lost Kingdom.


Today you can find Dj Mirage providing his services to upscale weddings and events through his company Mirage Events.  On Friday evenings at 7pm PST Dj Mirage can be found on 100.5 FM - Duplin County's Most Music Station in North Carolina and streaming live online on  House and Electronica have been Dj Mirage's passion from the beginning but he has close to 2 terabytes of music encompassing everything from top 40 to Latin  and beyond. In 2011 Mirage added video Djing to his list of talents and holds and extensive library of videos as well.

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